Hi everyone

It’s time to think about our style for the autumn and winter, the stores are packed full of leopard print, camel, tweed and 70’s inspired clothes, so this week’s blog is about hair inspiration and trends for the season ahead.

So let’s start with the seventies trend and I think long hair is going to have textured layers to create a shaggy type finish this is achieved using a razor to create soft unstructured ends, soft eyebrow skimming fringes and centre partings complete the finished cut. This look works on all hair colours but my ideal is a rich brunette with soft chestnut tones sprinkled through the lengths and ends.

For those of you who want to take their longer hair shorter, midi length bobs are still big news and texture to create movement and an almost polished bed head type feel along with a centre parting makes it current for autumn.

We touched on colour in an earlier blog but just to refresh red heads are big news with ginger and cinnamon tones at the fore, muted blondes with root shadow to create a smudged smoky feel is a beautiful look for autumn.

For our rock girls bleach blondes are still big news again with root shadow and I think we will be softening the tone for autumn and moving away from silver and warming up very slightly with palest rose/ gold toning.

For those of you who are thinking about how you are going to dress your hair for autumn, messy buns, braids, Chignons or pony tails all have been seen on the catwalk this season along with 90’s style accessories(banana clips, scrunchies to name a few)are all big news this season.

So there you have it a little insight into these seasons’ trends and as always we are here to give you personal advice on looks to suit you

Looking forward to chatting about all things new trends