Hi Everyone

For all of you who have read my blog over the last few months, you will have read about new trends, hair care advice, how our team develop and general salon news. A client asked me last week how I stay motivated and where I get my inspiration from, so this week’s blog is about exactly that.

This weekend I was down in London at salon international, a yearly trade exhibition that showcases future trends and the latest technology in styling tools and hair products.

After 36 years as a hairdresser I can honestly say that I am on a journey that I hope never ends! My motivation to practice, get new ideas and continually learn comes from a fear of feeling I have reached my destination with nothing else to learn or achieve.

Inspiration in my opinion is everywhere from the magazines we read, the streets we walk along, the places we visit, the people we talk to, the list is endless. Salon International truly inspired me this weekend, it was everywhere, from looking at other visitors’ personal style and the layout of the exhibition stands. My highlight was the Trevor Sorbie Art Team seminar, although very much a team this seminar showcased what inspired them individually, their thought process and how they created the look. Each presentation was unique, different and showed what each member brings individually and how they fuse together to become a team. Trevor introduced each member by a video that showed him driving his car through London and by the end of the show you saw him arrive at the venue in his car and then he was on stage in front of the audience thanking us for coming and congratulating his team.  Listening to his passion and gratitude truly moved me and it was certainly one of the most inspiring seminars I have ever seen.

Mrs B if you are reading this, I hope this explains where my motivation and inspiration comes from.

Much Love