Hi everyone,

This week’s blog is about getting the most out of your professional hair colour and a follow on from my blog on the 30th august where I wrote about colour trends.

Firstly and really important is skin testing before a colour ,so we can ensure you are not allergic to the pigment in our colour ranges, it’s a quick, easy test and takes minutes to do and ensures your well being throughout the colour process.

A consultation before your colour service is really important to discuss your ideas with your colourist and they will be able to advise on the steps necessary to give you a great result.  For example how many appointments it will take, the cost and also the maintenance to keep your colour looking its best.

Making sure the condition of your hair through the colouring process and directly after is paramount. Using products to protect the hair bonds and fibres during the colour process ensures better condition and lasting results, this is something we also discuss in our consultation.

Looking after your hair after leaving the salon is equally important and has a big impact on how your colour will last and how your hair will look and feel. Shampoos and conditioners play a big part in colour maintenance; again getting advice from your stylist is essential as there are so many products available and can be an absolute minefield choosing one on your own.

Some colouring services need top up services such as colour washes and toners applied.  For example if you have had your hair bleached and the toned a soft pastel shade this will fade in approx two/three weeks and will need the colour refreshed, all of this is discussed in your consultation though so you will know what to expect.

Being informed allows us to make decisions on what is best for us and as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as too much information and our team are here to discus all your colour needs and desires.

Looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon

Ronnie xx