From girls going to school to Models walking runway shows the humble ponytail is everywhere and not so humble.

Season after season ponytails are on every catwalk and fashion pages of magazines.  The reason for this is I think is it is understated, lets your clothes and makeup do the talking, but can still be part of your all over image.

The ponytail is so versatile, low, high, smooth, curled or crimped the list is endless and the choice yours and personally I love them.

A few tips to give you a great pony are.

  1. Spritz a styling spray through the hair and dry it in making sure you blow dry the hairline area smooth and away from your face (this will make the finished look more professional)
  2. When securing your pony tail thin covered bands are best as they don’t snag the hair and are easy to conceal.
  3. leave a section of hair out of the ponytail, about 1 inch should do it to wrap around the hair band, if you put a little gel on this piece of hair before wrapping around it acts almost like a glue and finishing with a little hairspray and heat from your hairdryer it will stay in place without having to use grips.
  4. For all those fluffy little hairs that are spoiling the finish of your pony tail, spray a fine hairspray such as L’Oreal Infinium over the surface, then using a large makeup brush (blusher brushes are great)smooth it over the surface and this will remove the unwanted stray Hairs .
  5. To create height to your ponytail, take a section at the crown and gently back brush the roots (this gives a less tight result than back combing and is gentler on the hair) smooth the rest of the hair over then secure the hair into your band.

These are a few tips to give you great results and as always we are happy to point you in the direction of the perfect pony to suit you

Much love