Hi everyone

This week my blog is on the subject of how often I should wash my hair. I am asked this question at least once a day so I thought I would give some advice on this very subject.

The first thing I would take into account is the texture of the hair. Hair that lacks moisture and feels dry to touch with lack of shine needs more moisture and should be washed less often to let natural oils remain and nourish the hair naturally. Where the sebaceous glands are producing excessive oil and the hair feels oily the hair can be cleansed more often.

Most of us judge how often we wash our hair by how we feel and how our hair looks, I would like to give you a few hints and tips to help you whatever your hair washing routine is.

Hair that lacks moisture

  1. If you feel your hair lacks moisture, a nourishing shampoo and intense moisturising conditioner applied to towel dried hair and left on for 5-10 mins will replace moisture that the hair lacks.
  2. Applying a hair oil with heat protection will not only nourish the hair but will protect against heat from hairdryers and other heat tools.
  3. If you style your hair in between washes and need to dampen the hair apply a leave in condition spay this will help to keep moisture in the hair as water can have a dehydrating effect.

Frequently washed hair;

  1. using a shampoo with no silicones or sulphates will leave your hair feeling natural and will avoid build up of silicone on your hair if you are washing your hair daily.
  2. If you wash your hair frequently because of oiliness a treatment shampoo to stop the Sebaceous glands being over active will help cut down frequency of washing.
  3. Conditioning the lengths and ends of the hair is essential if you are frequently washing.
  4. If you are using heat on your hair I would recommend a heat protection spray or cream to protect the hair from heat damage.

There is so much I can write on this subject, I hope this helps and answers the questions I am asked most frequently and if you want more advice on this subject call in and speak to one of the team

Until next week

Ronnie xx