Hi Everyone.

This week’s blog is about the effects the sun has on the colour and condition of your hair and how quickly the sun can completely change the look of our crowning glory. Let’s look at how we can protect it through the summer months and go into autumn with our tresses looking great.

The Beautiful weather throughout May has probably caught us of guard and as we have enjoyed time outside we haven’t really realised what damage it is having on our hair. So I want to give advice on how to look after your locks without talking about specific brands, but more importantly day to day hair care advice so you will continue to love your hair throughout the summer.

Protection is paramount; we do not expose our skin to the harmful rays of the sun and we should apply the same rules for the hair, a uv protection spray will minimise colour fade and maintain the condition ,apply as often as your sun cream for best results.

After sun exposure I recommend washing your hair with a shampoo to re-hydrate and add moisture to  your hair, and then just like after sun for your skin ,you need an intense moisturising conditioner applying it to towel dried hair and leaving it on for 3-5 minutes  before rinsing it out.

Styling your hair after sun exposure is your choice but if you are using lots of direct heat from styling tools such as hairdryers, straightening irons and curling wands, a heat protection cream or spray is a must as it will put a protective barrier against the heat from these tools.

Prevention is also key so I would suggest in the lead up to a holiday in the sun speak to your hairdresser about salon conditioning treatments that will prepare your hair for sun exposure.

I hope this has helped; it really is no different from how we look after our skin in the sun, and if you need any more advice call in to the salon where we will be glad to help.

All this talk of Holidays and sun I am away next week for some R&R (I will look after my hair I promise) and the blog will return on Tuesday 19th June so until then

Take care