Hi Everyone.

Well we did it and what an amazing experience on mind, body and soul, (not our feet!) but more on that later.

Our Maggie’s challenge 2018 kicked off at 5am, we were driven to St Andrews links and the challenge began around 5.45 am with the sun shining, amazing Scenery and the whole team ready for the hike ahead.

Breathtaking views and beautiful weather met us at various points along the way including Kings Barns, Anstruther, STMonans and Elie.

As this was a challenge it was no walk in the park and had it not been for an intensive training programme planned and organised by Diane our receptionist the task would have been impossible to achieve. The commitment the team make to the training has been key in all our challenges, giving up most weekends and at least one evening a week in the lead up to the event. The team were so focussed on the training and that same determination and focus was used on the day.

Preparation is key and whether we were tackling steep climbs or descending 75 (I counted)narrow steps we had the fitness and mind set to handle it.

The challenge took sixteen hours to complete and the last 6 miles we had to dig deep but not once did anyone mention giving up or not being able to go on. When we arrived to a huge welcome at Ravenscraig park it made the whole day even more worthwhile.

I asked the team their own personal highlight of the day, Michelle loved the experience of the Chain walk in Elie and the fact Kenny (her Husband) wanted to be part of something the team are involved in made it more special.

Suzi felt amazing at completing something that before training seemed impossible “although I was tired I felt totally exhilarated at my achievement.”

Anne loved the scenery “something that we take for granted and is right on our door step and walking forty-six miles in one day made me very proud.”

Diane’s highlight was seeing us all arrive home and so proud of what we had all achieved.


Being in the moment with no thoughts other than the people I was with, the beautiful scenery and the positive reasons we were doing this were my own highlights.

So other than a few blisters we are all ready for a new day and on Wednesday we will present the Team at Maggie’s with a cheque for£3630 and along with money raised on our just giving page and extra money raised over the last two days it brings the total over £5000 and to say we are all very proud is a huge understatement.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all our amazing clients, family and friends for their continued support and generosity without all of you we wouldn’t have raised this money and to everyone who has been involved in past and present events.

Well its time enjoy the summer and think about our next event.

Until next week

Much love

Ronnie xx