You may have heard of the new GDPR law coming into force on 25th May this year. What’s it all about? The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will update data protection for the 21st century, in which people regularly grant permissions to use their personal information for a variety of reasons.

We have always asked your permission to store and contact you with the details you have given us, but now it will become law to keep you informed of what information we hold and what we do with it. You can add to it or choose to “opt out” at any time.

As technology evolves we are always looking for the easiest way to keep you up to date and with emails and txt messages part of our daily life we hope we can keep in touch from text message appointment reminders to the latest salon E-newsletter.

Over the next few weeks we will be making some changes to our website and contacting you via our newsletter to let you know what’s happing in the salon. You can sign up via our website or just let us know your email the next time you are in the salon.

We love keeping in touch with our clients and hope you will all be reassured we are working on the latest changes in law to protect and improve our client contact.

See you in salon soon