Hi everyone

First of all just to keep you updated with our event at Dunnikier Primary school last week, it was fun and a great opportunity to talk to a brilliant group of kids who could be our future hairdressing stars.

As January has passed in a flash and February is set to do the same, I thought this would be a good week to talk about spring and summer trends, what’s hot and what’s not.

The key for this spring/summer is about hair being the best it can be and having the ultimate flawless finish, it’s also about keeping your own personality in any style you have.

Texture is big for this season, and curl either created by perming (did I say the P word!) or styling tools to create curl is a big trend.         Mousse is making a huge come back to create that extra oomph, but this time around, mousse has a more natural finish.  Another texture popular for the coming season is crimping so much so GHD have created the contour which is a modern crimping iron that can create as much or as little crimping as you desire.  I am using them to build root lift and also to create accents and detail.

Hair embellishments are also big news for summer and flowers are a big story.  Placement is key and the main thing to take into consideration is how the height or width of the flowers changes your face shape, just the same as a haircut or up do will.

Well that’s just a tiny insight  into spring/summer trends but keep reading the blog as I have some exciting news about a new colour service that will revolutionise the time spent in the salon.

Have a great week and I will catch up with you next Tuesday.