Hi everyone

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we are launching video tutorials for our clients.

On Sunday we made three video’s to give you ideas and techniques to create waves and curls, as hairdressers we have this knowledge through education, something I am passionate about, so I thought why not share that knowledge with you guys. What fun I had working with three great models, makeup by the incredible Karen Bowen and great filming and direction by David Cruickshanks of digital media fife.

We have kept it simple and have broken each video down into steps focussing on products, tools and technique and show the models before and after styling.

We have listened to you and what you want to learn (I have thrown in a cheeky little hair up that’s really easy to do as a little extra). We would really like your ideas on other styling tips you would like to learn as we are planning to do more videos in the coming months, your feedback is really important to us.

The blog is having a two week vacation and will return on Tuesday 20th June, so until then much love to you all

Ronnie xx