Hi everyone

It’s hard to believe that Byron opened its doors on 13th July 1992, 25 years ago and the saying is true how time flies when you are having a great time.

The salon has seen many changes in that time, firstly fashion and style and the products and tools we use. An example is straightening irons, hardly used in 1992 and they were so basic, now GHD styling irons have become a household name and many clients can’t live without them. Colour back then was all about global colour and high lights and now we are using many free hand techniques to create bespoke colour for our clients with a colour palette that is forever expanding.

Another little difference back in 1992 very few people had mobile phones and the team room at lunch time was noisy with conversation, now we are all catching up with the latest news and gossip on social media and conversation has been reduced somewhat ha ha ha!

Enough Reminiscing and let me give you a little heads up (pardon the Pun) in July we will be having lots of surprises to celebrate the salons 25 years in business.

I will keep you posted in the coming weeks about all the celebrations, exciting times

Much love