Hi everyone, the blog is back after a two week break and we have lots to catch up on.

Many clients ask how they can keep the cool tones in their blond hair in between salon visits and also when there is lots of sun exposure; clients with natural white hair also ask the same question.

Silver shampoos are an easy way to put ash tone back into the hair, neutralise yellow tone and cleansing the hair as they do so.

There are a few points to remember though, silver shampoos contain various levels of pigment in them so will give different results. We can give you advice on the best one for you. Another point to remember is the frequency in use, generally once a week is all that is necessary, after consultation we will recommend how to use for the best results.

Overall silver shampoos are easy and quick to use and give tonal refresh to white and blond hair.

Until next week

Ronnie xx