Hi everyone hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine (it’s still a bit chilly though).

Colour is one of our main services and continues to push boundaries in creativity and colour choices. This also means that our client’s expectations are higher and some requests are not only pushing creativity, but also pushing hairs condition to its limits.

Our most popular request is to take a clients hair from very dark brown to Platinum blond. This is a lengthy process, but as well as achieving the right colour we also do not want to compromise the condition of the hair. That is where L’Oreal smart bond comes in, it’s an additive that is mixed in colour and pre lightening products to minimise any potential damage to the hair by protecting the bonds deep within the hair and strengthening them during the colour and lightening process. Our colourists will give you more information on smart bond and its benefits.

Condition is key to maximise the beauty of any colour, how we look after the hair during colour processes and how we care for our hair at home will ensure beautiful hair. As always we are here to offer advice on the best colour for you and also hair care advice before and after colour services.