Hi everyone, Last week a big conversation was grey hair (either colouring hair grey or showing of natural grey hair) so I thought I would share my thoughts.

Bleaching hair and then toning it to create grey shades is a lengthy process (in some cases taking more than one visit to get the desired result) and the gorgeous grey shade will need to be maintained every two weeks approximately.  Condition is also really important to protect the hairs’ strength and moisture. It’s a fantastic look though and still really current.

Letting your natural colour show is a personal choice and a decision we can help you make. My advice if you decide to do this is to create a haircut that is very defined whether that be a short pixie crop or a graphic bob to create a visual statement where the cut and natural hair colour enhance each other.

Above all our job is to make you feel good, so as always come in and have a chat to discuss your thoughts.