A Facebook topic last week has led me to write my blog on the same subject and share my views.

Although women make up approximately 85% of the hairdressing work force, it is claimed that it’s mainly men that are at the fore front of the hairdressing industry, winning awards and achieving publicity and recognition for the work that they do.  This was the findings on a radio station last week and I have heard similar views over the last few months.

I know many (too many to mention by name) amazing female hairdressers in Scotland as well as the UK who are at the top of the industry having their work published in trade and consumer magazines, winning numerous awards as well as running successful businesses.  So I personally feel that men and women are equal in the industry but perhaps the reason for this perception is because women may take career breaks or feel their main focus is their family, I also know men who have made this decision.

So to conclude I feel privileged to work with amazing women who are valued in our industry and who are achieving great success. Their positive energy and attitude is inspiring to our future generation of hairdressers.

Love Ronnie x