Fashion and hair trends are always one season ahead, so I am already thinking about Spring/Summer 2017. I will give you my thoughts on this in the coming weeks, but right now it’s all about your hair for Autumn.

Fringes and texture are where it’s at – fringes are mini short (Michelle calls them nugget) -bold but I love them especially with little channels cut out (see last week’s blog pic), or super long  – almost past eye level with a floaty edge.

Plaits and braids are everywhere in the form of scalp braids – loose and chunky  – and also rolled up into loose and messy ballerina style buns.

Inspiration from the 80’s in the form of volume created with curls and crimping (tread carefully with crimping). I would suggest accents rather than a whole head. I am going to continue on this vein next week but before I go head pieces will be huge in all senses for the coming season. Oversized and detail being key.

Until next week

Take care and much love