Hope you are all good this week.

As I said last week, for the next few weeks we will talk about current trends and style for autumn/winter2016/17 and also spring/summer 2017(no wonder time flies by).

I thought we would start with something that I think is really important – no matter what trends we follow, we should not lose our own individuality, but rather embrace it.

Taking elements of a current look and mixing it in with our own style is a great way to look like this year’s version of you – and hair is an easy way to do this.

Bobs are always a favourite – this year’s are more graphic and defined, so by changing the length and shape of your bob allows you to keep your signature style but keeps it current. This can also be said about colour – by simply changing the tone or placement will make your trademark colour relevant with seasonal trends.

Next week: what we will be doing with our hair this autumn.

Ronnie x