Hi everyone! As I said last week, there is so much to talk about for hair this Autumn that I’m continuing this week and giving you a little tutorial into the bargain.

Finger waves for texture are another big story – soft, loose and a little dishevelled to create a modern texture to this very classic technique, and easy to create yourself!

Start at the nape and take two inch square sections and tong from root to end. Continue this to crown, create your preferred parting and take two inch square sections and tong from root to ends from both sides to parting (all tonging should be done in the same direction). After tonging let the hair cool then put your hands in at the roots of your hair and gently shake out, then use a flat bristle brush starting in underneath sections and gently brush to smooth the curls and create waves. Around the parting area keep the hair flatter to emphasise the waves.

Finish with a salt spray and use your fingers to create slightly fluffier texture to keep it modern and fresh.

This look is a favourite of mine and I hope the tips and info on techniques help.

Until next week

Much love

Ronnie x