Hi everyone

We can feel a change in the temperature and nature’s colours are beginning to change, autumn is on its way so this week’s blog is about a colour trend that I think will be massive for Autumn/Winter 2018/19.

On an earlier blog we spoke about Botanea our new natural Henna colour from L’Oreal. A colour that is completely natural, gives beautiful rich tone and amazing shine and condition with a real natural vibe and this is a big trend for red heads this autumn.

There has been lots of red hair on the fashion runways this autumn and as a team we are super inspired, the buzz word is natural ‘has she coloured her hair or is it natural?’ soft coppers, deep chestnuts and beautiful auburns are the go to colours, add to this a beautiful luminous shine and you have amazing stand out red hair.

Techniques are equally important for this coming season so although on first sight you might look like you have one colour there is much more to it. Deeper tones at the roots that create a shadow rather than a very obvious root drag and merging in to muted brightness into the lengths. Balayage is still a big story, but I think with a more subtle feel and the blending will be as always really important. Another look we are currently working on is working with different tones of copper and alternating them through fine sections of hair to give hair movement and a multi tonal effect.

Hope this has given you an insight to one of the big tends and we are here to answer all your question and share our thoughts and ideas with you.

Have a great weekend and I will catch up with you next week