Hi everyone.

A big thank you to Jill for her blog last week on our new henna colour L’Oreal Botanea, a very interesting and informative read.

This week I wanted to turn the attention on our team and a project I set them four weeks ago. Create an image for instagram inspired by it girl of the moment Hailey Baldwin.

Megan who is our newest stylist to come through our training programme was given the task of directing and organising the shoot as well as leading the team and giving them art direction.

After a brain storming session where ideas and inspiration were discussed a mood board was created which gave the whole team a plan of action. By this point Megan had organised a makeup artist, photographer and model, they were also given the brief so they had a clear idea of the team’s vision.

All of this was done with no guidance from me and to watch them work closely together and hold meetings outside of work in their own time shows a real commitment to the salon and each other. What was also great was confidence in making decisions with no input from me. On the night of the shoot the confidence, planning and preparation from Megan and the team was amazing to see and watching assistants and stylist of all levels of experience working closely together, learning from each other was great to watch.

The end results were kept under wraps until today (on the night I was told to leave as they wanted me to see the end result) and I am so proud of what they have achieved.  Not only with the end result, but how they collaborated together has showed real strength in team work. Megan’s organisation and planning skills really shone throughout the project and it was great to see our senior team take instruction and be so supportive towards Megan.

I wanted to share this event with you all to show that the creative process within our training and development plays a big part in the skills our team have, but to share how proud I am of them individually, Megan, Michelle, Anne, Alicia and Danielle  huge congratulations and very well done.

Here are a few images from the project and please feel free to give us your feedback

Much Love