Hi everyone

I am writing this blog on Monday evening after a fantastic if intense day in the salon.

Monday is our assistants training day, Lisa is our principal trainer and I teach our senior assistants before and after they become graduate stylists, as Lisa is currently on Maternity Leave I am teaching our assistants at all levels.

One of the things teaching our assistants make me realise is to not forget the thoughts we sometimes have when we learn to do something for the first time. “What if I make a mistake? I don’t understand, I will never learn this!” all very natural thoughts and as a teacher something that I understand as I have been there and sometimes still have those thoughts! I believe knowledge through education; support and above all practice give us our new found skills.

Tonight watching our trainee’s have their light bulb moments after feelings of doubt and seeing them run where weeks before they were taking hesitant steps makes me realise that knowledge is meant for sharing.  Each student learns in different ways and its finding ways to get the best from them, reassuring them that skill and craftsmanship takes time and doesn’t happen instantly. It’s learning that a structured training programme will give them great end results.

So a little insight into thoughts from both sides of the training process and why something worthwhile isn’t always easy, but when we achieve the results our rewards and opportunities are endless.

Until next week

Much love to you all