Hi Everyone

As promised this week’s blog is all about Christmas party hair and key looks for this year’s festive season.

Let’s start with curl, inspired by the catwalk we have seen retro waves, sleek and glossy and very polished. Big brushed out curls creating a fluffy texture and a larger than life feel that says statement are also big this season. The key thing in my opinion to keep it looking fresh, it’s about creating glamorous curls and messing them up a bit.

When it comes to hair up it’s all about up dos that look undone, so for this look it’s all about knots and twists with the ends left out either low on the nape or the top section twisted at the crown and the rest left loose and flowing. Texturising sprays are great for creating a next day hair feel to this look.

As an accessory, this season saw the black velvet bow making a return, to keep this looking modern its best worn with undone up dos or messy dishevelled pony tails.

Something I am excited about is the return of crimping in the hair. Now before we start releasing our inner Kate Bush this season it’s all about accents of crimping so think sleek hair in a side parting tucked behind the ears with panels of crimped hair that show through as you move.

Crimping can also be used at the roots to create root lift and volume and can be hidden underneath so the hair has instant fullness but the top section fall over retaining a smooth look. A loose messy pony tail also looks fantastic with a few crimped sections running through it (like this image my Adam Reed).

Hope this helps to give you a few ideas for the season ahead and we are all looking forward to showing you these ideas and more at your next visit

Catch you next week


Ronnie xx