Hi Everyone

Last week with the a few clients have had concerns about itchy and irritated scalps, so I thought I would give a little advice on this subject.

First of all like the rest of our skin our scalp can become dehydrated; this can be due to change in temperature. An example of this is being outside in cold weather and then being in a warm centrally heated environment, this can cause the scalp to become itchy and sometimes flaky. A build up of styling products or strong detergent based shampoos are also causes of itchy and irritated scalps.

My advice is first of all speak to your stylist who will advise on hair care and styling products best suited to your hair and scalp.  A scalp treatment and scalp exfoliation would also be a great starting point for a new hair care regime to really do its job.

The whole team can advise on products to help, the most important thing is not to just put up with it because in most cases it can be resolved.

Next week is going to be a very busy week but more about that later

Until next week


Ronnie xx