Hi everyone.

Last week I had a new client, who as our consultation progressed asked for a fringe that really suited her, her hair was one length so it was a big step and I am glad to say she loved the end result. Normally a client asks for a fringe and lets me make the decision on what is going to suit her best, one style does not suit all but this request really made me think.

We cut and style hair to suit the individual and take into account face shape, hair texture and lifestyle, but here is the question? Is there a fringe that could suit everyone who wants a fringe? (I am thinking about the opposite of what I was asked) and I think there is. The answer lies in a concave shape (Bridget Bardot) the fringe sits shorter around the eyes and nose and graduates to length from the temple and tapers to the cheekbone and by altering the length it’s a fringe that suits all face shapes.

And no, do not worry everyone will not be leaving me with a fringe this week, but the power of thought brings lots of ideas.

Until next week

Much Love