As much as I am a Kylie fan (her calendar has pride of place in the office) I have been surprised at the reaction from clients to the picture of her with what looked like a perm. “Are perms coming back and can I get one?” – some of the questions we are being asked in the salon.

As we all know, curls, waves and texture are a big hair story – and have been for some time – but we have the flexibility to change these looks as they are temporary and created by cutting and styling tools.

Colour plays a huge part of our hairstyling, whether subtle or high impact colour, and to have double chemical processes in our hair has a massive effect on its condition. The looks our clients request are styled to give that result, more than being created by a perm, heat would need to be applied with styling tools, so putting more stress on the hair and its condition.

Never say never is my motto, but unless we make less commitment to permanent colour, or are going to wear a natural permed look, I do not see the perm making a big comeback in 2016.