When we opened our salon doors in July1992 our aim was to create a luxury experience for our clients.  To do this, we had to have a highly experienced and educated team. We also had to work with the best brands.  Since we started working with Kerastase in 1996 its philosophy of “products that treat hair and scalp problems through research and technology and deliver informative education to hairdressers who use the range” suits our brand ethos perfectly.

To have the confidence in a product range we have to believe in it. The Kerastase approach of theory behind the product and the practical skills of what it does and how to use it allow our youngest assistants and our most senior stylists to not only have confidence, but have knowledge to give the best hair care advice to our clients so they can continue the salon experience as part of their home care programme.

Education therefore starts with us, our belief in the product and to teach our clients how to get the most out of the very best product for them.

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