Education and Development are key to our teams progression and it is always a journey and never a destination. There are many ways to learn, seminars ,one-one tuition, work based education, observation the list goes on, but there is one thing that is important and that is to share knowledge. So when I was asked by Fife College if I would like to take two Spanish students on work placement which is organised through the Erasmus programme(students throughout the EU who are studying higher Education can apply to study and have work based experience in another EU country)I saw an  opportunity for them, the team and our clients.
Elena and Alex have been with us for five weeks now and already I can see that their English is improving through communication with our team and clients. They are observing the team work and are asking lots of questions(they are very keen and enthusiastic). I have also offered complimentary blow dry’s to our clients so this gives Elena and Alex a chance to develop their styling skills(I give feedback, we wouldn’t expect anything else I hear you say!!) and our clients get a chance to experience styling with a Spanish flavour.  Our team love learning about Spanish culture and are also learning a few Spanish words in the process.
It’s great having them as part of our team and when they leave us to travel back to Spain we will wish them every success with their careers in the future.