Hi everyone.

Hope you are all well and your week has started well.

Clients often ask what inspires you or how do you get your inspiration? My answer is that it comes from many things, exhibitions, fashion collections, music, people and the list can go on but after 36 years in hairdressing watching another hairdresser you respect and admire teaching you new skills and giving you ideas is still the thing that inspires me most.

I  attended a great seminar last week in Edinburgh hosted by 360 events and Zoe Irwin a renowned session hairdresser and educator presented a day full of insights on up and coming trends, her career and what inspires her, a really fantastic day by a really talented hairdresser.

Having these opportunities inspire me back in the salon to talk to you guys about change and give you new ideas on how to wear your hair.

Educating the team and other hairdressers, it’s important for me to keep my ideas fresh to inspire others and all of the things I have mentioned help me do this.

Hope this gives you an insight into a hairdresser’s creative process.

Take care and catch up with you next week