Hi everyone

This week the weather has got considerably colder and many of our clients are concerned about the amount of static in their hair or the lack of moisture in the hair.

The weather at this time of year is just as harmful as the intense sun and heat of the summer (we should be so lucky!) as we move from cold temperatures outside to dry central heating inside and the sunshine we have had over the last few days will also affect our hair.

The answer is simple moisture; we can’t have enough at this time of year either for our hair or skin, regular conditioning treatments to supplement the loss of moisture, blow dry oils to smooth and also add moisture are great to add shine and also help prevent static. Anti humidity sprays are also good for this too. Conditioning your hair when you wash is also very important as it will help to close and seal the cuticle.

As I always say in the blog we are here to help and if you have any hair or scalp concerns come in to the salon and we will give you advice on the best ways to solve the issue

So until next week stay warm and get conditioning

Ronnie xx