A question I am asked almost daily, “am I to old for long hair or am I to old for that hairstyle?” the answers a big no you will be glad to hear.

It’s all about suitability. Does it work for your face shape, hair type and your lifestyle and above all do you feel good with the style? For me these are the four golden Rules.

During consultation it’s all about finding out about you and how you would like your hair to look and how you want to feel with your new style, looking at images also helps. The key is looking at your face shape and explaining how the style will enhance your face shape or adapting the style to flatter you, adjustment of length or internal layering to suit your hair texture is very important.

The way we style your hair and the products used are also important in creating the right style and last but not least advice on looking after your hair at home.

In my opinion this is way more important than focussing on age.

Hope this helps.

Much love

Ronnie xx