I had a fascinating insight into the L’Oreal training program Ronnie developed as part of his role as an L’Oreal Guest Artist. It is designed to give graduate stylists who are just or nearly qualified that extra level of confidence and the skills to offer their clients something more, just like our senior trainees Megan and Kevin. Ronnie uses a hand out, power point presentation and live models to demonstrate the ideas, skills and techniques.

As you know I am normally in the office working behind the scenes or on reception, but on Monday I had the chance to be a model for the day (just sit still Jill). I had a firsthand experience of the level of concentration, skill and above all passion for hairdressing both Ronnie and our trainees have for this profession. Every aspect of the hair cut, scissor choice, cutting techniques, face shape, hair characteristics, shape, length, texture, styling possibilities, colour and of course was it right for me?

Our trainees looked on, listened, asked questions, wanted demonstrations and watched the hair cut evolve. It was great to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment Megan and Kevin had with their own models, confidence boosted with fresh ideas at their finger tips.

So to sum up my model experience was twofold, a peek into our Byron hairdressing education and a fantastic new hair cut, and all I had to do was sit still (a new career beckons!).

Jill xx