Hi everyone

The team were out in force supporting the L’Oreal colour Trophy regional final in Glasgow on Sunday, great hairdressing on show from all the teams and well done to all the finalists.

Talking about colour we had an amazing training session last Wednesday to launch L’Oreal colorful hair, a range of bright colours ranging from coral tones to the deepest of Blues.

The colours last up to 16 washes and for best result applied to pre lightened hair and as the colour is a gel you get really even balanced results.

The thing I love the most is we can make these colours bespoke as we have a clear additive so we can make the colours the palest of pastels or the vibrant mermaid tones (I thought we all believed in fairy tales).I feel these colours can work for every one as its about tones that work with our all over hair colour and the technique and application of the colour.

As always ask our team who will give you information and ideas on how colorful hair could work for you.

Much love