Hi everyone, hope you are all well and having a good week so far.

Well winter is on its way (not my favourite season) so for me it’s a good time to think about style for spring and summer next year, and I wonder why time flies by, but I  need to be one step ahead to keep you guys on trend.

Curls continue to be a big trend with 80’s inspired shaggy waves worn with side partings(flash dance springs to mind)my favourite though is surfer girl waves still worn with a side parting but with an edge and less retro.

There was a nod to punk with long hair and hairpieces dressed with spiky texture finish on the catwalk so I see texture coming through in haircuts for 2017.

Pops of colour are going to be big, so placement is key. I love seeing hair move and a hidden piece of colour popping through.

My last prediction for all you long haired trend setters is keep your bun but wear it low and braided, I suggest pulling out the braid spray some TecNiArt next day hair on it to give it a lived in texture then secure in a bun, Beautiful.

Until next week

Much love