Hi everyone,

Education plays a big part in our team success and without it the team would not grow or realise their full potential. It fills me with pride to see our team reach their goals. Being committed to building a career and educational opportunities are the key factors.

Michelle is embarking on a 16 week degree course with L’Oreal professionelle and after graduating she will join Lisa as one of our L’Oreal colour specialist. This course is designed for experienced colourists (they have to sit an entry exam to be accepted on the program) where they are taught technical and practical skills to take their knowledge to the next level. As well as presentations, written exams and practical work they also have to create a portfolio of work all of which goes towards the marking for her degree. Myself and the rest of the salon team wish Michelle every success in the next chapter of what is already a very successful career.

What this space for Michelle’s colour degree diary updates.