Long time no blog; sorry for the absence but the past few months have been hectic. Exams have started – you know, the big, important ones that will decide my whole future.I’ve been so scared that I’ve had sleepless nights, poor me. Hopefully they’ll be OK and the SQA people will be nice and only ask about things I know, fingers crossed. Is it really strange that I’ve been enjoying studying? Maybe that is because I’ve had the snazziest stationary in the world. Pastel highlighters have made my life and I’ve colour-coded everything. Organised much?
Strangely, I feel like I haven’t bought much recently, apart from my highlighters. But actually I’ve had some time away from my desk and managed a little bargain hunting. I got a lovely pair of black patent heels which were originally £22 for only £8 from New Look and they actually look like they should be from Topshop. I also bought a white sailor-styled playsuit from River Island which I was going to buy a while ago, and I’m sure was £50, for only £20. So, while the SQA may hold back from making my day, the god of bargain hunters has been looking after me.
Apart from decorating my revision with pretty colours, I also managed to get out to see Titanic 3D last month. I’m way too young to have joined the emotional rollercoaster of its first release way back in 1997 (yes, is was that long ago!) so I was particularly delighted to get in on it second time round. Cried my whole way from start to finish. It was lovely seeing the ever so handsome Leo in 3D. He will always be my first movie crush, at the age of 3 but still!
I’ve also got a date to see Dark Shadows in my diary once my exams are over. This is Tim Burton’s new vampire movie which, of course, as he’s the director means the lead is none other than Johnny Depp. Dear Johnny looks rather freaky and the haircut does nothing for him, right Ronnie? However I am rather eager to see how he portrays a vampire. I’m a tad fed up of that whole Robert Pattinson thing and am glad to see Tim and Johnny ticking to the kooky strange kinda thing they are famed for. Maybe I’ll just highlight the date in my diary with one of my lovely pastel highlighter. Ooh, but which colour to choose?