Spring is here, which means the Brit and NME awards are fast becoming a distant memory. But before we forget completely, let me wax lyrical about them a while. My mum and I played a little game of guessing who would win, and guess what? All of the Brit awards were exactly as we predicted. Does that mean all the acts were rather predictable? Am I too young to be so jaded about pop music? I mean, of course, Adele was always going to win. No surprise really. And Ed Sheeran too. But why he wore that t-shirt on stage and why his guitar is too small for him, I will never know. I love ginger mop boys as much as the next person ‘“ Prince Harry and Rupert Grint (AKA Ron Weasley) to name but two very gorgeous young chaps ‘“ but I don’t see the appeal of Ed Sheeran, I’ve got to admit.
Now the NME awards were a different story. Noel Gallagher received the God-like Genius award, which was very well deserved. I’m still glowing from his gig in February. Pulp (love Pulp!) received outstanding contribution and Kasabian gave a lovely tribute to Davy Jones of the Monkees, who, sadly, passed away the same day.
It seems timely that just as the awards fade into an echo of a memory, my wonderful auntie gave me a record player. I’ve turned into a moody teenage circa 1983, sitting in my room listening to my vinyl. Is it just me or does everyone mourn the passing of decent pop music? My record collection is growing rapidly. I’ve just added Duran Duran, Paul Weller and The Libertines to the collection and I’m waiting to get my hands on more, so if anyone has any old records they don’t want, HIYA! It’s been lovely sitting listening to a bit of the Beatles or the Beach Boys while checking up on all the news from all of the fashion weeks. London again the best, though perhaps I’m a little biased. The winner by a mile for me was Burberry Prorsum, with the most gorgeous A-line skirts and cute little tweed jackets. I love a tight fitting jacket to show off those curves, finished off with cropped gloves. I can so seem me walking down Kirkcaldy High Street in those. Tres chic!