It was the mother’s birthday recently and it was the hardest thing ever to think of something to get her. I need to make up for all those years when all she got was a crayon portrait showing her in an A-line skirt. Odd that, as I’m sure she’s never worn one. Anyway, I had an Eureka moment that I thought would surely get me off the hook, show her how much I love her and make up for that strop I had the other night. Madonna tickets!!! But you’ll never guess what she said. She didn’t think she’d enjoy it because Madge is getting on a bit now! WHAT? I’m 16 and I think she’s fabulous! She’s the Queen (sort of in joint place with Lady Gaga though!) of pop. And, hey, she might be maturing, but she is certainly doing it with a whole lot of grace. She looks fabulous and I’m totally convinced would be legend on stage. I had my outfit all planned out, and my hair. I was going to go for glamorous waves aka Lana Del Ray, because you need to make a bit of an effort for Madonna.Oh, well.
But buying those curling irons won’t be wasted because, speaking of legends and all, I got Noel Gallagher tickets for Wembley Stadium. Yes, Wembley, London. As soon as I bought them I was in floods because I know he’s going to be amazing. Plus, The Kook’s and Graham Coxon (the geeky one with glasses from Blur) are supporting and I’ve always wanted to see them. What a time I’ll have (can you hear me singing?). It’s going to be great seeing as it’s in the best city in the world, LONDON! Not too long and one will be sauntering down the Mall to pop in for a cuppa with dear old Liz at Buck Pal, stopping off at Harrods to buy some delicious macaroons from Ladurée and spending hours in the V&A seeing as they’re redecorating. Fingers crossed the fashion room is opened up in time for September because it was shut in December and I almost cried my eyes out.
But before all that, I just have to work out what to get my dear Mama for her belated birthday. Any tips, anyone?