My time with the L’Oreal young artistic team came to an end just before Christmas. I was sad about this, but positive at the same time as I look on it as part of a journey rather than an end of things.
Being part of the team was amazing and inspirational. I learned so much and grew as a young hairdresser. Ronnie will be glad to hear that the most important lesson has it has taught me is that hard work is the key to success. You don’t get anywhere thinking you deserve it, you can only get there by rolling up your sleeves and making it happen.
Over the few months I attended workshops and seminars aimed at not only improving my practical hairdressing skills but also working on my presentation skills. I was made to think about structure and planning when presenting ideas, something I hadn’t really focused on in my salon training, but I think it will help my communication skills. I also discovered that my salon and my clientele are the most important things in my career.
I feel really honoured to have been given this opportunity by Ronnie, I can’t thank him enough. I feel I have grown so much as a young hairdresser during those three months. I also owe thanks to the other five members of the young artistic team; you can’t have a team all on your own and they really helped me a lot.
I hope this is the beginning of my artistic career.