I’m loving Made in Chelsea at the moment. I love a bit of trash TV though I do have some aspirations. I’m much more of a MIC fan than a TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) fan, so you see I do have some taste. If you’ve never seen it then, basically, it just follows a group of friends in Chelsea, London. They’re all mainly massive snobs and very, very posh, but it’s pretty entertaining to see how the other half (or is it one per cent?) live, and bitch about each other! Spencer Matthews looks so much better now he’s gotten rid of the beard thing and his horrible hair. It just shows how a quick restyle can work wonders. (Note to self ‘“ must make appointment to visit Ronnie). He looks instantly skinnier by getting his hair cut in a more fashionable and slimming style.
As for the girls? Chloe Green (Sir Philip Green aka Topshop boss’ daughter) is clearly pretty uncomfortable being herself in front of the camera. She needs to loosen up (quick head massage would help) because I think she’ll actually be quite funny and entertaining once she does.