So, October was a good month for me. Not just because of the two-week holiday in the middle or I am sporting gorgeous hair after a recent visit to my favourite hair salon (that’s Byron Hairdressing of course!) but because two of my favourite artists brought out albums within a week of each other AND I finally made my mind up and splashed out on my 2011/12 winter coat. Ooh toasty.

But first with the music: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (self-titled album) is a work of art, starting with the impressive ‘Everybody’s on the Run’, a song which is far from his Oasis roots. In fact, the whole album is not the norm for the ex-Oasis star and he does a very good job of being a solo artist. The album harbours songs ‘AKA’¦What a life’ and ‘The Death of You and Me’. And take my word for it, you don’t need to like him or his type of music to appreciate how good this album is. The second person to bring out a fantastic new album is Florence and the Machine. Ceremonials is outstanding and if you liked her first album then you will definitely love this. With ‘Shake it Out’, ‘What the Water Gave Me’ and ‘Never Let Me Go’ being the incredible songs they are, I only one thing to say’¦BUY THIS ALBUM!

Secondly, I got my winter coat. Bring on the weather, I’m ready! Well, it’s not really a winter coat as such, but with its beautiful (faux) fur finish I simply can’t take off. I could wear it anywhere honestly, it’s so warm and soft and perfect for the colder weather. I looked everywhere for a vintage one but to be frank none were nice enough and most looked really horrible on me, so I decided to go for a nice brown one from Topshop. I’d say for this winter go for a fur coat, a pea coat or a parka. Also, I’ve finally broken in my Doc Martens, after three rounds of seriously painful blisters. I can’t take those of either and they look great with everything. I have black patent ones but seriously want another pair, I’m thinking black with the union jack on the front. I’ve recently purchased three nail polishes from Models Own’s Beetlejuice collection so keep checking in to see what they look like (when they arrive).