So as winter creeps in upon us, the temperature drops and we start drinking hot chocolate in bed with a blanket and a box-set of American Horror Story (other great American TV shows are available), I can’t wait to break out a new coat. I have to admit I’m more of the indoors, warm, Christmassy-type than the sun, legs out, beach type and I do love buying winter coats and cosy jumpers. There is, seriously, nothing I love more than when the shops bring in their warm winter clothes.

This year there are three main types of coat you can choose: The Military, The Parka and The Downton.

The Military: The military-style coat is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. It is versatile and goes with anything. The perfect military coat should be long or mid-length, preferably with some kind of old-fashioned gold detailing around the cuffs or across the chest. But you can also go simple with a belt and a good sturdy collar. Topshop is your best bet this season. Well-fitted – a must with any military coat – and smart, these will allow you to slip right in among some hunky soldiers. Bliss!

The Parka: Popularised by Mods in the 1960s and then again during the years of Cool Britannia by Oasis bad-boy Liam Gallagher, the parka is perfect for keeping warm and looking cool (Mum – notice my order of priorities. I do listen!). Although sometimes pulling off a parka might seem a little challenging as they can edge towards the masculine, skinny jeans and a nice pair of ankle boots can make any girl look festival-ready all year round. The ideal parkas come from River Island this year. It has heaps of them. Plus, it hasn’t stuck to the traditional khaki; they are also available in brown and, if you can afford it, in camouflage with leather sleeves and a fur collar that looks like two jackets rolled into one. Totally fantastic!

The Downton: The basic of the Downton is a boyfriend coat with a fur lapel. I’m not sure if I came up with the name or if I’ve just heard it before, but let’s face it, they do resemble coats worn during the early 20th century and seen more recently in the unmissable Downton Abbey (which I am completely obsessed with!) The oversized coat itself is great for when it’s absolutely brassic outside and you’ve got to layer up underneath. The fur is a great touch and dresses up the coat completely. But don’t feel like you have to wear the fur. Many varieties of these fabulous winter favourites are actually available with detachable fur so you can switch it around for any occasion. I have fallen in love with one particular coat in this style from Miss Selfridge (it’s beige, with a lovely soft, light faux-fur lapel) and it’s completely dreamy. I’ve seen this style floating around many shops and even good old M&S has it in store right now.

In my view, being a bit posh myself, the Downton is the way to go for winter 2012.

We salute you Lord Grantham!