The team at Byron Hairdressing in Kirkcaldy said ‘I do’ last week to glamming it up for the Royal nuptials and ensured the day was as special for their clients as it was for the happy couple. To celebrate, clients were pampered with fizz and fun cupcakes throughout the day, while the team were dressed up in their wedding finery.
‘Friday is such a busy day, with clients booked up weeks in advance, and we opened as usual, but we wanted to mark it as special so we all dressed up in the sort of thing we would wear to a wedding, including fascinators, and had extra special refreshments for clients,’ said owner Ronnie Marshall, who was in black suit and silver tie. ‘We had lots of clients preparing for parties, and there was really only one topic of conversation. It was a real party atmosphere in the salon.’
The team did stop to watch the now Duchess Catherine of Cambridge walk up the aisle on the computer and gave her an immediate thumbs-up on her dress and hair. The Duchess wore her hair down but pinned back, reminiscent of the 1930s.
‘She looked flawless, and her hair worked so well with her veil. It was simple, but beautifully finished,’ added Ronnie. ‘We expect a lot of brides this year will opt for a similar look.’