Lauren Henderson

Ronnie is fabulous! He knows me well and is always very honest when discussing my hair requirements and style ideas - he keeps me right and I trust his opinions 100%. Ronnie always sticks to his word and I have never left the salon disappointed with my hair cut.

Lauren Henderson2013-03-12T13:14:43+00:00

Linda-ann Laing

Ashley is one of the best stylists I have had. She is totally tuned in to what suits me and if I want a certain style and she disagrees we will have a chat and come to a compromise. This is the longest I have ever attended the same salon.

Linda-ann Laing2013-03-12T13:14:51+00:00

Leona Speirs

Karen makes you feel very relaxed and takes an interest in you and what you want.

Leona Speirs2013-03-12T13:14:58+00:00

Lynne Ireland

Lisa is always very friendly and interested in you. I always feel very confident that she will cut my hair very well and usually leave it up to her what she does.

Lynne Ireland2013-03-12T13:15:04+00:00

Jacqueline Dewar

Michelle pays attention to everything I say.  Remembers previous visits, up and coming events I have to attend. She makes sure I have the correct products so my hair looks great everyday not just on the day I leave the Salon.

Jacqueline Dewar2013-03-12T13:15:09+00:00

Rachel Darbyshire

I am always happy with my treatment, Ryan always sits with me and goes through what I’ve liked and not liked about my hair since my last visit. He gives good advice about how to look after my hair, and gives me styling tips. I never feel hassled to buy anything he recommends for my [...]

Rachel Darbyshire2013-03-12T13:15:18+00:00

Leah Davis

I thought Karolyn was really great.  Explained everything and made a lovely job of my hair.  She was good fun too.  We have just moved to Kirkcaldy and I was looking for a new hairdresser.  I was recommended Byron and the receptionist could not have been more helpful.  She was why I decided to come [...]

Leah Davis2013-03-12T13:15:26+00:00

Sylvie McCleary

The Assistants obviously receive very good training on customer service. They have excellent manners and just seem to know how much conversation to make.

Sylvie McCleary2013-03-12T13:15:33+00:00

Jane Hutchison

I always feel special - when I arrive and when I leave.  Not only does my hair look great, but he always makes me feel more confident.

Jane Hutchison2013-03-12T13:15:39+00:00

Nicola Dicotteo

I love everything about the salon - I think that the service I have received has always been and continues to be outstanding :-)

Nicola Dicotteo2013-03-12T13:15:49+00:00
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