T in the Park is upon us once again. Me and my wellies are ready to party in a muddy field. I’m super jealous of everyone who went to see The Stone Roses in Manchester at the weekend but I’m seeing them this coming Saturday so I’m learning to cope. In fact I can barely keep in my excitement. I can’t wait to see Florence and the Machine and no doubt Florence herself is going to look utterly amazing and spectacular while me, along with the rest of the crowd, will be looking like soaking wet penguins.

I’m excited, of course, to see Noel Gallagher, again, and I’ve heard his set is going to be wonderful. Then Kasabian on the Sunday, which is the perfect way to close a muddy festival but I might take some earplugs because they’re ludicrously loud.

I am having a small crisis over what to wear. I’ve decided that even though I have acamping ticket, I am just not up for it this year. With the weather to be rainy on Friday, a miserable horrendous campsite is inevitable and I am not too keen on that idea. So I’m going to be looking fresh as a daisy after having a good night’s sleep every night at home.

I don’t really believe in the shop which is hailed as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ AKA Primark but of late, I’ve become a bit of a Primark junkie. I’ve picked up little bits and pieces to ‘tide me over’ till I buy a more substantial or longer lasting item from somewhere else (in all honesty though, I never have done and those Primark things are still going strong!) So for T in the Park I bought myself the coolest (or maybe the un-coolest because it makes me look like Bill and Ben: The Flowerpot Men!) floral hat which is all floppy but sits on my head perfectly. It’s not weatherproof material but hopefully it will keep my hair dry. I got some welly socks because my hunter ones are white and I’m a bit scared to get them dirty as they were pretty expensive for welly socks. However with Primark pricing their own Aztec print ones at £2.50, I’m quite relaxed about getting them get wrecked.

DO NOT LAUGH! I bought a pair of cycling shorts. Yes, ones like Take That used to wear back in their early days and cyclists still wear today. Alas though, I have a purpose for them, I plan to wear them under dresses. Of course it’s best to wear shorts at T but I wanted to a bit more glamorous this year and I’ve got a few old dresses which I never really wear and which would be perfect for T in the Park and bit of mud. So instead of going and feeling awfully vulnerable, I bought the cycling shorts to wear underneath, to (a) sort of keeping my legs warmish, (b) cover my rear end in case the dress blows up and © if I go on any kind person’s shoulders. I can hope!

I also went into a new store in Dunfermline and got ahula Hawaiian floral garland and a daisy halo for my head for only £3. And when I was in Edinburgh I found the coolest poncho in HMV. It’s one of the little things from Pac-Man, you know the little jelly things, and for a fiver, I just had to have it (a) to keep me dry and (b) to look the coolest (or again, un-coolest). So with all the T in the Park stuff bought and ready, I’m sitting on tenter hooks till Friday when the fun starts and Scotland rocks for the weekend. Only problem is’¦what the hell do I do with my hair?